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Testimonials - Acclaim Tree Care & Services

Acclaim Tree Care & Services has only ever left a good impression on their customers and these exemplary 5 star reviews are evidence to that fact. So if you won't take our word for the excellence of Acclaim Tree Care & Services then read through the words of some extremely satisfied customers;

They just did a perfect job for us today. The quote was great and the main arborist was like a guy out of an English sitcom. One can't help but like them personally. The job took as long as they said it would and they did it with expertise.
The closest thing I can find to a negative was a slight miscommunication between us, the quote guy and the arborist team which created a small delay in the works. No-one's fault but it is the best I can think of for a negative.
Given the job they did today, I am happy to recommend them to others and we will hire them again in the future.

Andre Hyperion

Fantastic price, showed up on time and quickly got the job done. Cleaned up after and looks great!

Tim Wells

Dale and Brendan are superb. Fantastic job. Fantastic price. Efficient and cleaned up after. Easy to contact. I can't say enough about the great job they did and how easy they were to deal with. Thank you Acclaim!

Ann Halvorsen

A top piece of work by Dale and his team. The work is done with a view to the future growth and health of the tree, not just a quick 'haircut.' I'm happy to recommend Dale's team to anyone with an out of control tree or two.

Ian Hodkinson

I rang them for a quote on Thursday, got the quote the next day and the job was completed on the following Monday 1st May (Public holiday). They were fast and efficient. I am very happy with their work. Well done guys.

Hong Pun

Dale and his team did a great job of clearing my backyard of unwanted weed and pest trees . Love your work.

David Cheung

Jess and the boys went beyond the scope of work at no cost. They have great knowledge of trees as I'm in a protected vegetation location. Thank you again boys. Michael P.

Rosie Pappas

Used Acclaim Tree Care and Service to remove three trees this morning.
Two were easy to get at, however the large tallowood was in between the rear fence, water tank and garden shed. Not the easiest , or safest place to operate with a chain saw.
Not only was the quote very acceptable, the workmanship was outstanding. There was no damage caused to the water tank or garden shed, and more importantly the garden itself also escaped without any damage.
I would not hesitate to engage Acclaim Tree Care and Services again and also recommend them to anyone needing tree lopping or tree removal.
Great job boys.
Bob W

Robert Wilmot

Full praise. Helpful advice, skillful team, arrived as promised and all at the right price.

Jane Buchanan

Get in contact with Acclaim Tree Care & Services today on 0421 484 940 to arrange a hassle free, no obligations quote.

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