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Tree Trimming Services in Brisbane

Caring for the trees in your yard or garden is your responsibility as a homeowner. If you don’t prune or trim them on a regular basis, it won’t be long before the whole place is filled with overgrown shrubbery and large, unappealing branches. This could become a breeding ground for a whole host of different household pests. Tree trimming in Brisbane is serious business, and you shouldn’t attempt to trim the trees on your own unless you know what you are doing. It generally involves a number of different arborists who use chainsaw, ropes, and other heavy equipment. It is also quite dangerous; the branches that fall down to the ground are pretty heavy. Furthermore, using a chainsaw while standing on a ladder isn’t a job for a backyard gardener! It is a labour-intensive project that can put you in harm’s way, especially if you aren’t experienced and don’t have the right equipment.

That’s why you need the services of a professional company that offers full-scale tree services in Brisbane. At Acclaim Tree Care & Services, we offer a full range of tree trimming, pruning, and lopping services. We can take care of your trees in a highly professional and secure way. Here are a few tips that can help you trim the trees in the safest possible way.

Contact an Expert

Acclaim Tree Care & Services has been working with customers all over Brisbane and its nearby suburbs for many years now. We understand that many homeowners do not have the tools or the expertise to prune the trees or cut off overgrown branches on their own. Why take on an unnecessary risk when you can just hire us? When you contact us for any of our tree services in Brisbane, we will first send over an expert arborist to survey the yard or garden. This will give us a better idea of the work that needs to be done. After the initial survey, we will give you a quote based on your specific set of circumstances. We offer the most affordable services throughout Brisbane, so you won’t even feel as though you have to pay over-the-top to get your trees pruned!

Take Safety Precautions

Tree trimming, lopping, and pruning is a pretty dangerous job; for obvious reasons. Before we start work on any project, we make sure that we take all safety precautions into account. The job is done by expert arborists who have lots of experience in pruning and lopping different kinds of trees. We will make sure that the job is completed in a safe and secure manner, with minimal risk involved. Ideally, if you don’t know how to cut down a bothersome tree, it’s best to contact an expert for tree trimming in Brisbane. Simply chopping it down with an axe isn’t a wise move, as you also have to worry about the tree falling down.

Once we remove the tree, we will also take care of the stump that’s jutting out from the ground. By using specialised machinery, we will grind the stump and make sure that it goes under the ground. A jutting stump can really diminish the visual appeal of your well-maintained garden. We will grind the stump until it goes below the surface and also cover it to ensure no traces exist.

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